Barbara O'Donnell-Wright

I am thrilled to be a Kindergarten teacher here at Red Hawk Elementary School.  A few years ago, my family relocated to Colorado from Pennsylvania. Previously, I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades.  I initially started out in the business arena, but returned to school for my elementary education certification. I can say from experience that teaching is the hardest AND most rewarding profession (along with parenthood).  I enjoy the challenge of meeting every child where they are (academically/socially/emotionally) and then finding ways to help them grow as lifelong learners. I want every child to feel empowered and successful.

I enjoy exploring the area through hiking and sightseeing.  In Pennsylvania, I saw lots of groundhogs, deer, and foxes. Now, I am adjusting to prairie dogs, rabbits, and the ever-sly coyotes!  It has been quite an experience. The western skyline is just gorgeous. In addition to learning about Colorado, I spend lots of time with my family. My two teenagers keep me busy. I also love to read.  I am happy to receive recommendations on good books...both for adults and kids. (P.S. I'll have some good books to recommend as well!)

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