Hours & Location

School Hours

First Bell: 8:55am
Second Bell: 9:05am 
Dismissal: 3:40pm

School Hours – Late Start
First Bell: 11:25am
Second Bell: 11:35am
Dismissal: 3:40pm


Red Hawk Elementary
(303) 774-2700
1500 Telleen Ave.
Erie, CO 80516 (map)

School Arrival

Pick-up / Drop Off

Parents and visitors should park in the east parking lot. Do not park in the Hug-n go Lane (east parking lot) or the Bus Lane (west parking lot). Additionally, we have received notice from the Erie Police department that they will begin ticketing cars that park on Meller across form the school. You can park on at the end of Meller, on the dirt area to the right of the entrance driveway, or in our parking lot. We have also received some phone calls about parking in the neighborhood. If possible, please try to walk or bike to school as parking is limited.

We have 5 staff members on duty each morning (8:45-9:05) and afternoon (3:40 4:00) at the following locations: bus area, hug-n-go,front of the building (east entrance), playground, and kindergarten playground. Please do not leave students unattended outside of the times listed above. (Note – the duty person will escort bus riders into the building).

Car riders should wait to be picked up on the two half-moon benches along the hug n-go lane. If you want to pick your child up by car, you must wait in the Hug-n Go lane or park. We have had some students going through the parking lot to meet parents and this is unsafe.

Bike Riders – Tips from the Erie Police Department

  • Walkers should stay on the right side of the sidewalks.
  • Bikers should ride on sidewalks, but must yield to all pedestrians. When you approach a pedestrian, let them know you are coming by announcing yourself (e.g. bike rider on your left).
  • Dismount from your bicycle at all intersections and once on school property.
  • Four additional bike racks have been ordered – two more for the front of the building, and two for the back of the building. If there is not room in the bike racks, feel free to lock your bike up to the black chain link fences in the back of the building.
  • Always wear your helmet and be safe!
Red Hawk Elementary School