School Overview


Red Hawk Elementary is committed to helping all students reach their academic potential as well as become contributing members of the school community. This mission will be realized through meaningful collaboration between students, parents, and teachers.


Red Hawk Elementary will promote rigorous instruction in math, science and technology with an emphasis on integrating the arts into all curriculum areas. Celebrating multiple perspectives along with developing a sense of environmental responsibility that includes personal development and physical well-being will be at the heart of our learning.

School Leadership

Core Values


Keeping in mind what is best for students and the group as a whole; being honest even when it is difficult; following through with commitments; fairness (fair isn’t always equal – dilemma of difference)


Making sure all voices in the room are heard and respected; open door policy; compassion & empathy; ability to take on another’s perspective

Clear Communication & Transparency

Tasks and expectations are clearly understood with time for people to ask clarifying questions; the process and types of information used to make decisions are stated upfront

Continual Learning & Improvement

Always learning and thinking about how to improve; using research and experience to guide thinking & procedures; learning from all people and situations; reflection

Efficacy & Timeliness

Systems thinking; smart policies and procedures; issues addressed in a timely fashion; deadlines met

Best Practices and Expertise

Using current research and materials to guide instruction; common professional knowledge base; agreed upon practices; consistent use of data


Done with compassion; for the betterment of the group; describe behavior and consequences


  • Not ok to complain to some else about anyone
  • The only time it is ok to talk with someone else about another person is to get support in how to talk with that person.

Building Trust & Accountability

The more the group  can exchange criticism with good will, the stronger the trust and the higher the accountability (e.g. bringing issues to the group rather than just individual; group will support both people in this difficult endeavor).

Hidden Agenda’s Undermine Trust

If anyone feels there is a hidden agenda, this should be called out; competing interests should be clearly identified

Clear Communication

This is an interactive process; active summarizing

Characteristics of Innovative/Successful Organizations

  • Failures celebrated along with successes as gets us closer to what will work
  • No negative impact from supervisors for trying something new that didn’t work

Building Design

Building Specs- Designed to LEED standards

Red Hawk Elementary sits on 10 acres of land and will be able to accommodate approximately 600 students. The District is currently reviewing energy efficiencies in partnership with Xcel Energy and the governor’s office. Elements, such as natural lighting, will be incorporated into the educational environment to reduce the new site’s energy use and enhance learning.

Red Hawk Elementary School