Environmental Initiatives

Red Hawk Elementary values environmental consciousness and awareness in our instruction, building design, and daily school practices.

Some Highlights:

  • Building was designed with energy efficiencies in mind in partnership with Xcel Energy and the governor’s office. Our new building was designed to meet LEED Standards
  • A 350 KW ground-mounted on-site solar panels array at Red Hawk provides 95% of the school’s electricity needs, saving an average of $40,000 per year
  • Natural lighting incorporated throughout the building enhance student experiences and learning
  • Eco-Cycle Green Star School since 2011
  • On-site community garden allows students to gain hands-on experience with food production, gardening, and collaboration

Eco-Cycle Green Star School

Students, teachers and staff at Red Hawk Elementary have committed to Zero Waste through Eco-Cycle’s Green Star Schools® program since 2007.

Red Hawk Elementary has partnered with Eco-Cycle to move toward Zero Waste through increased recycling efforts, the implementation of composting school-wide, and special waste reduction activities. The project is part of Eco-Cycle’s award-winning  School Recycling and Environmental Education Program.  According to Eco-Cycle, “Green Star Schools are the first in the nation to reduce waste in every aspect of school life. As a result of implementing the program, up to two-thirds of the discards from each of the Green Star Schools is kept out of landfills.”


  • Reduce Waste
  • Increase Recycling
  • Implement Collection of Compostables
  • Improve Environmental Awareness & Motivate Participation
  • Lower Each School’s Trash Bill
Red Hawk Elementary School